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It's been a long time..

Yea its been a long time since my last post..i guess around Feb 2008..and now May 2005..which is 2 month of no posts. Actually, there are a lot of things happened during that blog-hibernation-period. First, like always, busy with assignments and final year project. really don't have time to chill, write and post stuff. Second, the connection, so slow nak mati and always dc when ym-ing. The last is, not in the mood for blogging. Common disease that infect bloggers...including what is the current project huh?. From 20/05/08 to 09/08/08, im gonna have my internship with Amyrei at Shapadu Telecommunication. Our original task is to develops the Shapadu website..but then Mr.AJ change it to assist the development of Bayo online payment system. Haih. Layan je la. Around 22/08/08 to 26/08/08, there will be our convocation at UMS-KK, yeah!. Cant' wait to receive the scroll, find jobs, collect money, buy stuff and kawen. Kekeke..~

Shrinkify - another URL shortener

Just surfing around and found this nice website. Shrinkify - just like Tinyurl, help us shorten our long url. The differences?, better gui n web design than Tinyurl i guess + firefox extension support + igoogle support and mac dashboard widget support. Nice la because i never tried to shorten my url before (Tinyurl web design sucks) before i found Shrinkify.